iPhone 5 iTunes Sync Issue with Music

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    Jun 3, 2013
    I recently added an album to my phone from itunes. For what its worth, I ripped the songs from a CD. There are 20 songs on the album, but songs 7-9, 14, and 15 were not on my iphone. In itunes, I tried repeatedly to add those songs to no avail. I then tried to delete the album from my phone through itunes, but it wouldnt work. Then I deleted the album off my phone using the swipe method. Then when I went to try to add the album again, nothing happens. When I have the phone connected to my computer, and through itunes, go to the "On this phone" the album is listed as being there with all songs, however going to music on my phone, the album isnt there. Again, through itunes, I went to my iphone, than music (I have manually add songs or whatever checked) and scrolled to the bottom where it lists the songs manually added and deleted the album. It still appears on the "on this phone" tab but I still cant actually find it on my phone.

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    Sep 6, 2011
    It's possible that your iphone library (DB) file got corrupt. iTunes should fix the db file upon next sync. To do so:

    1. Keep your iTunes library in "Manually sync songs" mode.

    2. Add one track to your iTunes library on your PC (via drag drop from a folder on your computer) let it be a completely separate song (i.e. not even the same album)

    3. Connect your iphone and make sure that the "Sync music" and "Entire music library" under the "Music" tab when in your iPhone settings in iTunes are ticked

    4. Sync your iphone once again with your iTunes.

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