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Feb 14, 2013
Atlanta Ga
There are so many people on this site that say that iPhone 5 has not lag what so ever, but android still has slight lag. I am going to have to disagree big time. I was using my nexus 4 for about a month, and about 2 weeks ago I switched back to my iPhone 5. I have notice some things though.

So first the nexus 4. Yes there is still slight lag in the N4 as you are doing a lot of multitasking, but not huge. The one time I saw it most was when I was typing a lot on Tapatalk. It never made the phone unusable, but it was there. So again nothing major, but something to note.

Now to the iPhone 5. Now saying there is no lag on this iphone is completely wrong. I have notice the last two days that when I use a website that is heavy in media that when trying to navigate to another site it lags just a bit. The one problem that really bothers me is SMS. Today I was doing something else, and someone sent me a message. I opened the messaging app and and sent the single work ok. The word ok stayed in the text block, but at the top the bar was filling up to send. It completed sending and the word still was stuck in the text block. It did this several times after that.

I do not favor iOS or android more. I just don't understand people that say iOS has no lag. It does people just tend to ignore it. I was never doing anything crazy on my iPhone. Just normal stuff. My iPhone is not jailbroken, so that has nothing to do with it. Just thought I was share, and see what other thought.


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Feb 28, 2011
People will say what they want to say.

Ignore them and enjoy your phone man. I would say it feels even better to own something everyone is so jealous of and has to come up with lag arguments to make them feel good about their own device.

Dr McKay

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Aug 11, 2010
All my iPhones have lagged in places, my iPhone 1 and 3G stuttered every time I returned to the home screen, my 4 did it less often, and less noticeably when it did, but lagged and stuttered when swiping onto the spotlight screen, my 4S lagged at the home screen even less, and stuttered slightly less opening the search, my 5 basically eradicated lag returning to the home screen, very rarely doing it, still stuttered opening spotlight search if I hadn't opened it in a while.

I think it's because before jelly bean, iOS was smoother, especially in scrolling, scrolling in iOS has always been smooth for me, even on the iPhone 1. Android before project butter scrolling seemed rather jerky in comparison.

Jelly bean running on fairly decent hardware? Both android and iOS are pretty much on par IMO.


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Jan 8, 2012
Just depends on what you are doing. Look at the Netflix web page in safari. It sucks, terribly laggy. Certain apps are the same way. Pizza Hut app is a terribly laggy mess.

Overall I find scrolling (in general) much better on iOS. But it's prioritizing UI so of course its smoother, most background task are suspended including downloading and loading of web pages and all the resources goto fluid scrolling.

Scrolling around in the OS I find Android to be a touch better. I get lag quite often on my 4S. Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone 5 so that maybe better. On the flip side I'm comparing to a Motorola Xoom which is even older.


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Jul 23, 2011
First off, all devices will stutter, because software isn't perfect. Plain and simple. That being said, both my iPhone 5 and the Android phones running Jellybean that I've tried (Nexus 4, Galaxy S3) had really high frame rates throughout the stock UI. I'd say that more apps on Android seem less optimized, so there's some jerkiness there, but it really all depends on the apps and it's minor. However, there is still just the slightest delay before the UI responds to your finger in Android, and it's kind of irritating coming from a 5 with near flawless touch response. It's not everywhere, but browsing the web, scrolling through play store I can definitely notice it. I'm sure they'll clean this up soon with more Project Butter tweaks.


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Feb 14, 2013
Atlanta Ga
I know every phone has lag, but just look at these forums and all the people posting about how much more lag android has than iOS. It is almost like people think iOS never lags. I know for a long time android did shutter or lag worse, but now it is all different. The iPhone 5 is near perfect, but like I said there are those time when it just hangs up.


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Jan 6, 2009
I prefer androids scroll coasting over iOS. iOS barely coasts at all and takes forever to scroll down a long page. Android on the other hand feels more natural on long pages. Because of this iOS doesn't have to load as much of the page at once because it limits your scrolling speed. Android lets you scroll much faster which is why on slower phones it may stutter every once and a while. However on anything recent its perfectly fine. Its fine on my galaxy nexus and nexus 7. It was even fine on the nexus s my friend has.


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Mar 19, 2012
I've had far more lag on iOS than my Nexus 4 but I'm not going to run around and say one OS is inherently laggier than the other. There's too many variables and frankly, it's not even enough to matter.
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