iPhone 5 locked in searching or slow to lock

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    Ever since I got my replacement (original, not re-manufactured) iPhone 5 a few months ago, I noticed right away that it took a little longer than [what I thought it should] to get a cell signal when turning on or coming out of AIRPLANE mode.

    Just last week, my phone was locked continuously in SEARCHING mode after I unplugged it from the charger overnight.

    I took the SIM out and it was suppose to tell me that there was NO SIM, but that never happened. I left the phone in SEARCH mode for about several hours. I even drove to work and it was still locked on SEARCH mode.

    I made an appointment at the Genius bar. It still was locked in SEARCH mode even after doing a full factory restore. The rep plugged the phone in and there was a new update (6.0.2). He went ahead and updated the device. After many minutes, the update was complete and now I had SERVICE.

    The Genius dismissed the incident as a bug in the firmware that the new update fixed, yet there was no mention of this issue. I had my doubts. Any way, off I went.

    Just today, the same thing happened after charging overnight. After about 10 minutes in SEARCHING I recalled what the Genius did: he connected the phone to the computer. I did the same. After about 5 seconds, the phone stopped searching and had a connection.

    My phone never feel or was dropped. The only thing is that the dude who installed the skin on my phone used a lot of water. I dunno if that maybe did something to the speaker or home button assembly. I dont really think this is a s/w but a hardware issue.

    Just wondering if anyone had this problem before?
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    It might be an issue caused by water damage causing a short somewhere.
    I'd try getting it replaced and don't get a skin put on by that same guy again:)

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