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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by myztikal47, Oct 9, 2014.

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    I tried to search online, but I can't seem to find a good source for used iPhone 5 price histories, mainly looking for the history on eBay. eBay itself shows prices I believe up to 90 days back, but I am looking for the device-only price trend for the iPhone 5 starting from the release date.

    The reason I ask is I'm trying to figure out where the device-only prices of the iPhone 6 will be in approximately 6 months and beyond. If I can find pricing history of the iPhone 5 started from it's release date, it would definitely help make some sort of educated guess as to where the prices of the iPhone 6 will be in a few months.

    If anyone has any info or could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Really? Who cares..

    I sold my used iPhone 5 16gb 1 week after launch of the 6/6+ for $240. Does that help?
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    If you're talking about new ones then going by past trends these things will still be selling near retail on eBay 6 months from now. Used ones you'll probably be able to find plenty that are $150-200 below retail. $400-450 is usually the price that used ones settle around by mid-Spring.
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    LOL, I'm not looking for current iphone 5 prices.

    The reason I'm asking is to figure out the ideal time to buy an iPhone 6, I have 2 people on my family plan that are going on vacation for about 6 months.

    I'm trying to figure out if I should just wait and buy used devices when they get back, or buy new ones now. If the price drop will be insignificant enough in 6 months, I'll just buy them now and they'll just sit here till they're back from vacation.


    Thank you for your helpful response :). Although we can upgrade our contracts, I'm buying the phones device-only, that way we can upgrade to the 6s on contract whenever it's released. Buying a used one in 6 months and selling it again after 6 months would save me quite a bit of cash.
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    No chance you will find this information.

    Best thing you could do is narrow it down to a specific retailer (i.e. Best Buy) and start google searching "iPhone 5 price sale" in specific month long time frames to see if you can get an idea of any price changes or sales.

    No matter what though you are going to be the one doing all the work and it's probably not worth your time.
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    Checking best buys prices would be useless, that's the new retail price, it never really changes throughout the life of the phone until it's about to be discontinued.

    I'm looking for used pricing.....
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    If you are buying device only and you won't need them for a few months, why not wait?? You have a better chance of saving a few bucks then. If I were you, I might check Apple refurbs for 6 or 6+ then. I've saved a couple of hundred bucks each time I've bought iPads buying refurbs. They have been great, like new and never had an issue with any refurb bought thru Apple online. My daughter and mother in law but refurb iPads from Apple online with no issues either. That can really save bucks. Good luck
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  9. myztikal47 thread starter macrumors regular

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    Thank you for that sir, I tried to understand it, but to be honest, it kinda went right over my head lol.

    I found this website by searching a bit more, I hope it's useful for anyone else looking for the same information.


    The thing is though, I'm a bit weary of their information based on their 5s graph. Even 6 months after the 5s was launched, the graph shows they were still selling for above retail price even though they were used???


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