Iphone 5 randomly shut off > Stuck in DFU mode > errors on restore, please help.

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    Apr 10, 2015
    Basically my iphone 5 has been with me since its launch. I fixed everything in it from replacing the battery to changing the power button flex cable out when that died only weeks after i got it.

    Long story short, its stuck in DFU mode right now, and every effort to restore this thing has failed. Basucally what happens is, Itunes does it things, then the phone goes to boot to install, shows the Apple logo, then the screen fades out, like you just turned the power off on a "regular" nintendo. It was giving me error code 3? for the longest time i believe? but its giving me 21 right now. I talked to apple and they said to try and wait for ios 8 to come out and restore it again but it didnt work when it came out

    This all started after i had ran the ios 8 beta preview (without developer account) and then it started like, randomly powering off. just straight to black screen, no power down or respring like animation.

    then i restored it back to ios7, and after a few weeks, it would just shut off again. then, one time it shut off and now its never started back up. Once i got it into DFU mode i could never get it back out.

    It displays the DFU logo perfectly fine and clear and isnt acting like its got any hardware problems at least there. but its just that power loss thats got me concerned.

    I really need some magical iphone tech guru to come in here and say, "replace the charging dock connector" or something. I would love to make this phone work again. Thanks for the help.
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    Apr 10, 2015

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