iPhone 5 reception/ delayed receiving of messages

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    Aug 13, 2012
    About a week ago I bought myself my first iPhone, a Black iPhone 5 32GB,
    I bought it unlocked, so it was around €800.
    Now I started noticing I get delayed messages, sometimes it even takes hours before I get them.
    Now I do not expect such thing from an €800 phone.
    What can cause this?
    -Should I get a new sim card? (it's only one week old, but still)
    -Could iMessage cause this? (I like to keep iMessage on)
    -I have a transparant plastic case around my iPhone, can this cut the reception or something? The image I've insert shows you the cheap case that protects my phone.
    -The reception bar (the thing that indicates signal strength) seems not to have any problems because most of the time it's pretty much full.
    -Could other networks in my surroundings cause this? (like Wi-Fi)
    -I like to turn off 3G because of the faster decrease in battery life, should I turn it on?
    Sorry for the noobish question, I do enjoy the Apple devices but this is just a bug I can't accept.

    Thanks in advance

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    Jul 26, 2011
    What about your own network? Have you checked with them to see if there are any issues?

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