iPhone 5 Refuses to sync properly with iCloud

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    Nov 28, 2007
    Just recently, my iPhone 5 refused to sync Contacts & Calendar entries via iCloud automatically.
    Before, it was working flawlessly between my MacBook Pro, iPad Air and iPhone 5.
    Now, only my MacBook Pro and iPad Air are able to synchronize correctly to iCloud (Calendar, Contacts, Notes), while my iPhone 5 only does automatic sync with iCloud for Notes.

    1. I find that the "iCloud" tab in my iPhone 5 has a different list of contacts than my "Real" iCloud account entries that are being shared with MacBook Pro and iPad Air.
    The "Real" iCloud Contacts has 900++ entries, whereas my iPhone "iCloud" only has 50++ entries. Strange? :eek:
    2. I tried turning the "iCloud" function ON and OFF on my iPhone Control Panel. However, this does not seem to change anything
    3. The only way to restore my contact is to turn OFF iCloud for Contacts and sync manually to my MacBook Pro :(:(

    1. Whenever I create an event in my iPhone 5, it is synchronized perfectly to iCloud and shared with my MacBook Pro and iPad Air
    2. However, when I changed the table and tried creating an event on either iCloud.com, MacBook Pro iCal app or iPad Air Calendar app, the event does not go into my iPhone 5 calendar. Strange? :eek:
    3. The only way I can get my iPhone 5 to "Refresh" the calendar and forced it to sync to iCloud is by creating another event in my iPhone 5. This way, all entries stored in iCloud suddenly gets pushed into my iPhone 5.
    4. This becomes MANUAL instead of AUTOMATIC sync like it used to be.. :(

    Why is this happening?
    iCloud is working perfectly for my MacBook Pro and iPad Air..
    It used to be for my iPhone 5.. :confused:
    Why the sudden change and problem?

    Anyone out there with a solution will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You :)
  2. audunb, Sep 9, 2014
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    Sep 9, 2014
    I have the same problem, but have so far only found a manual workaround.

    Sync between my iPad (model A1460 ) and https://www.icloud.com/#calendar works perfectly, and is almost instantaneous. Automatically. But on my iPhone 5, nothing happens in the iCloud Calendar before I manually refresh. (I waited more than an hour to see if something would happen. And I have tried this with creating several new appointments on iPad or on iCloud.com.)

    For how to manually refresh, see: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3999
    - If recent changes don't appear, try to refresh your calendars:
    - In iOS 7, open Calendar and tap the Calendars tab to load the Calendars list, then pull down on the list to refresh.

    When I did this, my iCloud Calendar on my iPhone was immediately up to date.
    But automatic sync was not reinstated.
    There is definitely something wrong with automatic iCloud sync on the iPhone.

    Btw: My IOS versions are 7.1.2 on both my iPhone and on my iPad.

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