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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Vairamuthu, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Hi guys,

    My iphone 5 fell down and got a serious problem with the screen.

    when i am not using the phone , screen detects the touch and open few apps and same letter from keyboard typed lot of times or screen won't even respond to touch .

    all the feature are working fine except the touchscreen.

    I don't have warranty now .

    Guys at the local repair station suggest to replace the screen to fix this issue.

    The issue will be fixed by a new screen or must i buy a new one?

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    Feb 12, 2014
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    It's possible that the issue can be fixed with a screen replacement; if you're meticulous about your phone and quality, I would take it to the Apple Store and let them diagnose it and service for the OOW price. I ran into similar symptoms that you described when I was replacing a screen on an iPhone 5 a few weeks ago. The front glass of the screen was cracked, but the LCD and digitizer were in full working order and not damaged beneath the top glass. The factory display assembly was installed into the casing so tight though, that I unintentionally caused further damage to the assembly while attempting to remove it.

    I was trying to avoid damaging any internals within the phone itself, so I had pried from just the underside of the display just above the Home button, and I must have cracked some part of that area. When I tested it before disconnecting to install the new assembly, strange things happened from the lock screen; notification center would come down, it would go to the passcode screen, and other weird "automated" happenings. There were also a few lines of solid color on the screen that were not there originally when I had taken the phone in, so the LCD was also damaged from the prying.

    After I replaced the display with the new one, however, the phone worked normally, and the automated "selecting" on the screen was gone. In your case, I truly believe it is a symptom with a damaged digitizer, but you can get a final verdict from Apple's genius bar if you take it in.

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