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    We have two iPhone 5's in our household, one on Telstra and one on Vodafone. I noticed when I upgraded the Telstra one from a 4S I didn't get as many bars, but was never sure if it was a 3G vs LTE thing and since I get 40mbps I've never really cared.

    On the Vodafone one however we are finding that the iPhone 5 gets a worse signal (and in some places no signal other than sos) than my iPhone 3G and 3GS had on the same network. The Optus/Vodafone network in my area is 3G only so I know it's not a 3G vs LTE thing in that case.

    I'm wanting to know is the iPhone 5 not as good as the older iPhone's at picking up a 3G signal or is it more likely a network issue I should be complaining to Vodafone about?
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    Take the SIM card out, give it a blow inside and insert again.

    Either that or you have a faulty iPhone 5, and should plan a trip to the Apple Store.

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