iPhone 5 slow app downloads via wifi, internet browsing fine


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Oct 10, 2012
My iPhone 5 seems to download apps VERY slowly with Wifi turned on. For a 17mb app, it can take 10 minutes. Doing a speedtest, I get just under 10mbps on the phone. Internet browsing is also fine, and the app store loads fast, it's just the actual downloads are super slow. I have done both a full reset, deleted the network settings, rebooted the phone and router and changed the DNS server several times, nothing seems to work.

Anyone else have this issue? I haven't had an iPhone before, but was wondering if Apple release updates to fix these sorts of issues, and how often/when should I expect one?

Thanks! :)


Aug 25, 2011
Have no problem downloading apps via wifi on iphone 5. They download in less than one minute.
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