iPhone 5 stolen and Erase signal sent...

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    My iPhone was stolen and within minutes, I took out my MBA and sent the Erase iPhone signal to my stolen iPhone right away. Since then, a week now, the iCloud page for this device has been grey out and the status is still "Pending Erase iPhone".

    1) Since I already activated another iPhone and using back up from the old iPhone data... will such "Erase iPhone" signal will be pending to send out as long as the theft not to connect online?

    2) Since I already activated using the same phone number, same carrier - ATT, same data as the original stolen iPhone, will the stolen phone able to connect to the internet and iCloud sent thru the signal to wipe the stolen phone's data? I'm under the impression that ATT already dis-activated my old iPhone and if it is the case, so the Erase signal won't go thru since the stolen iPhone can't be on line anymore, right?

    3) Should I change the new activated phone description to a different one in order iCoud not to be confused and not send the the erase signal out when the stolen phone find?

    4) Where can I report the old IMEM number to who it is stolen? Is there a national database out there that one day if it evers find the police will know this phone is belong to me and let me know?
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    Not sure about USA but in Europe you would report imei to your carrier and they add to their blacklist which then should go to other networks so the phone basically becomes useless.

    As I understand it the wipe command wont have gone through if the handset was taken offline (your sim removed) and if its been wiped by thief I don't think it will still go through as this could result in people wiping phones they legitimately sold to others as a prank, maybe someone can correct me here if in wrong.
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    I'm think you are correct about the device erasing. Since "Find My iPhone" uses the Apple ID, if the person wipes it the command would be lost.

    OP, call your carrier with the IMEI and report it stolen.
  4. g4 powerbookboy macrumors regular

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    sorry to hear about your iphone.... you must live in chicago too.... had a macbook stolen in a starbucks when i went to the washroom for a minute in chicago
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    Jan 6, 2013
    I work in Chicago and go to Starbucks often. I must say it amazes me that more items do not get stolen from there. Since I work in the tech field I like to be aware of what devices people use and how they do, so maybe I am just more aware than the average customer of what devices people have.

    Just last week I saw a customer get up and go - somewhere, for at least 5 minutes and left her Mbps, ipad, and iPhone unattended.

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