iPhone 5 - sync ERASES content, help!

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    Dec 18, 2014
    Hi everyone,

    Really hoping you can help, as two trips to the Genius Bar and a third to an Apple Authorized Retailer haven't seemed to help!

    Long story short, it seems that every few syncs now, I will plug in my phone to load a song, remove a video, etc., and the often the sync will stall out at "Step X of X, etc." for a really long time. When I go into my phone (still trying to sync) I notice the album covers for my music is mysteriously erased, which acts as a weird precursor to all the songs and videos actually being erased. They still appear listed, but when I attempt to play them nothing happens.

    I have tried backing up from my hard drive, from iCloud and doing a full reset and set up as a new phone, and erasing and re-importing everything from iTunes. I am hoping someone here knows how to assist, as its extremely frustrating to have to reset and reload 7000+ songs to my iPhone every 48 hours!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. rigormortis, Dec 19, 2014
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    if its hanging at ' waiting for sync to finish ' and taking a long time, well thats normal if you are syncing like 50 gigs of music to it, you need to give it time

    things to try, one at at time to see if it helps

    erase all music on the iPhone and resync.

    go to itunes and organize the library
    ---> click on file , library, organize library, check mark on 'consolidate files' and click ok

    copy everything out of itunes music, delete iTunes music library , and drag iTunes music back to iTunes. and wait

    rebuild your itunes database

    download new artwork
    ---> click on file , library, get album artwork

    turn off itunes match ( if it is on and you subscribe ) and detete music on iPhone

    if your having issues syncing, you need to remember all it is doing is taking music from your itunes library, and putting it on your iPhone. if your iPhone has issues with the music, its just copying itunes. therefor , it is itunes fault, and
    something about your library is probably corrupt.

    if its simply taking " a while " to sync 4000 something songs , then expect it to take a while, and do not interrupt the syncing.

    checking "automatically fill iPhone with music " , or " automatically manage music" in the iPhone sync setting could cause itunes to rotate the songs and write a new mix of songs every time you sync

    some of your songs might be missing in your library and itunes doesn't know about it yet, because it hasn't tried to play it recently. if you drag the itunes music folder to an external hard drive, and delete the library , and reimport it, like i mentioned earlier it will fix any broken links

    when you go to the genius bar, are you actually bringing your phone and your computer? that might be worth a shot

    the last straw would be to give in and do without syncing all together and subscribe to itunes match, that way all your music is in iCloud, even music you did not buy from apple, and you never have to sync again, because you just download or stream whatever songs to your iPhone over the internet
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    Dec 18, 2014
    hey rigormortis - thanks for the quick reply. as for the hanging sync, I don't mean it hangs when I am having to reload all my music - obviously that takes a fair bit of time.

    I mean when I try to upload a single new album, for example, maybe around 150mb, where it will stall out, and eventually start the self-destruction of my overall larger music library, forcing me to have to re-sync everything.

    and with the Genius Bar, I have brought my phone both times, yet they haven't actually done any diagnostics on the phone really. Only when I went to the reseller did they suggest the problem was with iTunes rather than the phone itself.

    But I think either the automatically fill iPhone with music or itunes match looks like it may be an interesting solution - thanks!!

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