iPhone 5 - Tmobile/EE sometimes won't receive calls

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  1. slapbang12 macrumors newbie

    Jun 28, 2012
    Having a ding-dong with T-mobile UK/EE at the minute and would be keen to hear your thoughts...

    When I'm at home - sometimes people can't get hold of me - it just says to the caller something along the lines of "sorry, the number you are calling is temporarily unavailable"

    The only way to sort this is by doing a hard reset and then voila it works again! I also get sporadic periods of no service!

    It's mostly at my home address - my partner also has the same issue - iPhone 5. No one else that comes to my house on another network has the same issue - all with iPhone 5's

    T-Mobile are saying it must be down to a phone issue "as their network is great" - just seems convenient that its only us at our house that have the same issue

    Does anyone have the same or similar issues? I've told them they can go and jump for their bill payment - this has been going on since October/November last year!

    Someone give me some hope as I'm going out of my mind!

  2. Hen9ng macrumors newbie


    Jun 17, 2013
    I usually live in Norway, but now, I am on a holiday in the United states. And I have the same problem. I have a pay as you go card (Tmobile). Maybe it is not 100% comptiable with the iPhone? But anyway i am not able to receive some calls and texts.

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