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Aug 14, 2012
I currently spend time in both the USA and the UK, due to work. It sounds way more exciting and better paid than it is.. I travel back and forth regularly enough that I have pay-as-you-go simcards in both countries. I use my unlocked iPhone 4, after my Vodafone contract ran out.

In the UK I have a Vodafone payg sim. I put a £20 Freedom pack on for 300 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB web access when I'm in the UK.

In the USA I have a MySimpleMobile payg sim, which works on T-mobile network. I pay $40 a month for unlimited minutes, messages and internet. Down side is my iPhone won't use 3G on MySimpleMobile, something to do with T-mobile and 3G. Edge is slow, but better than nothing.

Soon the iPhone 5 comes out and I figure I'm going to buy it unlocked so I can continue using both numbers. I haven't any idea how the nano-sim thing is going to work out, it may be a blocker to getting the new iPhone.

Does it seem likely that if I buy a straight unlocked iPhone 5 in the USA that it will work on Vodafone's fledgling 4G network? Or should I buy the phone in the UK, pay more (!) and hope it works on USA T-mobile 4G?

(the nano sim issue might make this mute, which would save me ~$800 while the nano sims become available)


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Sep 6, 2011
Buy the phone unlocked in the US, pick up a GiffGaff sim in the UK (just google it), and when your US provider stocks the nano sim, they'll give you a free transfer to one that you can continue to use. Just ask the guys at T-mobile.

Incidentally, is the nanomsim just a more cutdown version of the microsim or is it an even smaller plate?

GiffGaff at £10 p/m gives you 250 mins, unlim. Text/data. Free sim. Pm me a UK postal address and I'll send you one with £5 airtime credit pre-loaded when you activate (£10 minimum activation).

As long as the phone isn't CDMA, it will work with Vodafone's 4g network. Don't expect it to be operational until late 2013 in the UK though.


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Sep 20, 2007
UK London
GiffGaff have already released a press notice that they won't be getting nano sims for a few months.
Also its not possible to cut down a micro sim to a nano sim


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Oct 13, 2010
Im in the same boat. I am in the US for 8 months of the year and back in the UK for 4 months. I have a vodafone contract with my current iphone. I was due an upgrade earlier this year so just decided to stay put but lower my bill to £12 a month. But now it seems Vodafone won't be supporting LTE so I might as well just buy the phone sim free here in the US? I use a pay and go AT&T sim currently.

If and when I buy an unlocked iphone in the US do I need a specific one to support potential future LTE back in the UK?


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Dec 13, 2009
There are two different GSM models

Both will support full 3G in the UK, but only 3G on AT&T in the US (like all other years because the iPhone doesn't support T-mobile US 3G frequencies)

The US version will only support AT&Ts LTE and no UK LTE
The UK version will not work on any US LTE and will only ever work on EE and 3 mobiles LTE in the UK, because it only supports the 1800MHz band (800/900/1800/2600 are the UK LTE bands)

So you plans to buy the iPhone 5 and ever use it on any LTE other than EE or 3 are already scuppered. (or any LTE other than AT&T if you buy the US version)


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Sep 14, 2012
So please clarify then. I buy an iPhone 5 in the USA to ship to the UK to work on 4G with EE it would need to be by a specific compatible version from apple USA. I ask as the cost of this in UK in US dollars is $1134 that's a 64gig. I have relatives in Canada (leithbridge who could pick me one up)
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