iPhone 5 wifi connectivity issues at work

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    I know this has been talked about before but it’s a little different with me. I keep getting the spinning icon next to the wifi while it tries to connect. It’s a “Guest-Wifi” that is used at work since we are in the basement and get no cell service at all.

    It’s weird bc some people will get it some people won’t. When we come in on a Monday it spins literally all day long and eventually connects, once you’re “connected” your phone is guaranteed that wifi connection all week long and will connect immediately once you tap it when you walk in every morning. Once we leave for the weekend the process repeats itself come Monday. On Monday some people get it some don’t, some don’t get it until Tuesday, even Wednesday, some not at all. Some people connect immediately on Monday but that’s really rare, happened to me only once.

    Anyone know of a way to get into the wifi constantly on a Monday by connecting via the iphone? IT department is useless so resetting router (which I think happens over weekend anyway bc everyone has to “reconnect” again) so checking proper settings is practically impossible. I tried putting the into the address bar to possibly look at/adjust settings myself but the page doesn’t load and login doesn’t pop up.

    Anyone have any suggestions at all?

    Thanks in advance
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    Seems like it's a widespread issue that everyone experiences with the particular network.
    Not anything you can fix or do on your end if the company doesn't care or want to resolve the issue.

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