iPhone 5 will not charge with 2 chargers

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    My iPhone 5 stopped charging suddenly. I attempted using a different charger, and it worked for about 12 hours…but now it too has stopped working.

    I searched online and found that lint can get jammed in the charging area. I used toothpicks to clean out the area, but it still will not connect. I've tried with two cords (one is Apple, one is not)…and tried to connect with my Macbook Air as well as the wall chargers. Neither worked.

    I did find that when I had it plugged into the MBA, if I put some pressure on the plug one way or the other, I got the message:
    "Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of your USB devices has been disabled."

    Luckily, my girlfriend's charger IS working with the phone…but not sure if that one will go too. ALSO, when I plug into the computer with her cord I do not get that error.

    Is there some long term PERMANENT solution to this issue? Most of what I found was either:
    1. Clean out lint
    2. Get a new cord

    Any other solutions?

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    Sounds like a bad cord.
    Try charging it with a wall charger.
    Computers or the mac air don't provide that much power and can take forever to charge an iphone.
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    Curiously, have you trotted to an Apple Store with this question or polled anyone on the Apple User forum (gasp:eek:) or even taken a look at any of the Apple tech notes on this kind of problem?

    Is your girlfriend's charger the same model/brand as one of the ones you've tried using? Is she using an MBA also? Laptop batteries are notorious for not having enough reserve "oomph" for running themselves AND recharging other devices at the same time.

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