iPhone 5 with iOS6 not getting GPS lock

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    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS6. Like 2 weeks ago I can no longer get a GPS lock. The maximum precision is like 20 meters. Varying from 60, 100 and 20 meters. I was yesterday like 5 minutes waiting for a GPS lock, no luck

    This make totally Waze unusable.

    I tried with known wifi hotspot, with clear sky view in the middle of the city, different parts of the city, etc.

    Should I be paranoid thinking that Apple wants me to upgrade to iOS8? Or is this a hardware know or new issue? Maybe a problem with my telecom company? But still, the iPhone5 should be able to GPS lock using only satellites, right?

    Many thanks
    P.D.: BTW, I don't like a crashing iPhone, that why I never upgraded to iOS7. iOS6 never ever crashed on me. But I will upgrade some day.
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