iPhone 5S 32gb Gold or 64gb Space Gray?

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    Sep 30, 2013
    I bought an iPhone 5S 32gb in Gold and got it a couple of days ago. I was thinking that maybe I should just get the 64gb instead. But none of the store have the Gold one, so would it be a smart choice to get the Space Gray? I know it's personal preference, but I really like the Gold and the Space Gray is fine too I guess. I just wanna get extra storage just for the sake of relief and no worries. Let me know what you would do, and how you would go about this situation PLEASE :) Thank you guys so much ! I'm a new user btw, it's my first post everrrr! Haha:D
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    if you used the iphone before you should know how much media you actually used.. I have been using the phone since they came out with 32GB a few versions ago and I am always at about 1/2 capacity.

    So I am sticking with the 32Gb until such time my media collection grows if and when that happens I will upgrade to the 64 next year.. I only keep the phone for a year, so it depends on your usage and how long you keep your phone for.
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    Sep 30, 2013
    Sorry for the super late reply. Today was my last day to exchange and I completely forgot about it. Right now I've used about only 7 gb. So I most like will be fine with it :)


    I have used about 7gb right now, and it's been 2 weeks. I think my phone is set completely the way I want it to be, so it is probably more than enough for me. Too bad I'm late for an exchange :( But, you also make a good point on how you keep your phone for 1 year. I might also be using it for one year too. Thanks for the reply, appreciate the help :)

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