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Jan 31, 2017
San Francisco, CA
I have an iPhone 5S with a faulty sim card reader. Otherwise, it is fully functional via wifi. (Well, I should say "was" fully-functional.)

I wiped the phone clean of data and settings so as to prep it for gifting. But, now I can't get through the activation process.

In the activation process, I get past the wifi network setup and then after it says "may take a few mins to activate phone" I get a "please insert a SIM card." msg. Again, there is a SIM card in the phone but the reader is not working.

I tried to restore in Itunes using a backup but it also demanded a SIM card to continue.

Any ideas on what I can do?
This phone is now useless unless I can get past this step in activation.



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Jun 14, 2013
Wales, UK
Yup. Tried different sims that are known to work.
Pretty confident that the SIM reader is shot. (The moisture indicator in the slot shows red.)
Nothing you can do I'm afraid. You can't activate it without a sim; it's physically impossible since the server has to verify its presence to continue.
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