iPhone 5s, clean install iOS 8, no problems

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Velin, Sep 22, 2014.

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    So reading the iOS 8 subforums, I see a number of complaints/issues. I wonder how many of these people did an OTA upgrade, versus a clean install.

    When moving to a new iOS version, I always do a clean install via iTunes "restore" function, and I do not restore from backup. Instead, I select the option to set up a "new" device. And I ensure I clean install the latest versions of all apps.

    Did this with two 5s. iOS 8 running flawlessly so far. No problems, no errors, wifi working, bluetooth working, everything is working. I recall when iOS 7 was released, many iPad owners were complaining about slow performance, hangups, stutters, etc. There again, I did a clean iOS 7 install on an iPad 3rd gen, worked flawlessly.

    It may be a bit more work, but for those of you having bugs or problems, try a clean iOS 8 install -- especially if you have done OTA updates for several iOS iterations. It will clear out any detritus, it may resolve your issues, and your device may be noticeably more responsive. I have found this to be the case with every single Apple device: iPhones, iPads, and even Mac Pros running OSX. Even with OSX, a clean install is always superior to large updates.

    Further, Apple's ecosystem makes it the easiest by far to undertake a clean install, install updated apps, and sync contacts. Android is much worse. Just be organized: have your contacts archived, have your data backed up (files/music/pics), export your browser settings, and have current versions of programs/apps. If organized, you can do an iPhone install in a half hour, maybe just a bit longer for an iPad. If you are a poweruser, it may take several hours for an iMac or Mac Pro, but again, it's worth it.
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    Doing a clean install does not mean that one will not experience any problems with iOS 8. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

    Edited to add: Will give 5 points for the word usage of detritus.

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