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    So a couple of months back, I cracked my iPhone 5s' screen, and I sought a replacement. Seeing as the warranty did not cover this type of replacement, and it would cost me about 400 USD from the official Apple Re-Seller in my country (iMachines), I went for a third party replacement. I found a phone repair shop, and they repaired my screen for around 150 USD. I was pretty happy that I was able to save some money, however I didn't know that the low price was due the use of an unofficial Apple display. Now, dead pixels are popping up around the display, and the display doesn't feel like it's fixed into place (it sinks in if you press on it).

    So now what I'd like to know is, do you think it would be possible to go and get it fixed under warranty? Or have I voided the warranty by having someone other than Apple repair it for me? As silly as this may sound, do you think they'd notice it's an unofficial display?

    All insight is appreciated :) Thank you.
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    Generally allowing anyone but Apple to open the phone voids the warranty.

    It is possible to get higher quality replacement screens if you want to do it yourself.

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