iPhone 5s error 9 and screen problem


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Oct 7, 2014
hey guys

i have an iPhone 5s a weird problem came out i was trying to update to ios8 iTunes restore error 12 i have searched it's about battery after i have changed the battery and the screen came like this recently i have tried restoring the phone again iTunes error 9 and stuck in recovery mode

please could someone help how to fix this problem


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Sep 30, 2014
Apple’s support page lists error 9 as a possible security software issue. This could be firewall blocking access to specific websites/web resources (like iTunes trying to download something from Apple’s servers). Some other websites (and users who’ve found some solutions) note this error as happening due to hardware issues (faulty cable, faulty USB port, accidentally disconnect etc.)

It might also have something to do with the IPSW you are trying to restore with. Try using a different IPSW or using redsn0w to boot pwned dfu mode and restore like that. It could be this because error 9 can be related to the ramdisk kernel rejecting the ASR because it is not signed properly, thus breaking the connection with the device and causing error 9.
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