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    I know there's many threads about the 5S home button. Most of the people ask, if the click noise is normal. But that's not my question. I know the clicking is normal because my iPad Air has that too - my iPhone 4 doesn't. So I was used to the change already.

    First, I need to tell you that's I've bought this 5S used on the internet. What bothers me is that in addition to the clicking, there's some sort of "Paper" noise behind the button, like some rubbing or something. As if you were rubbing paper. Or something. The 5S of a friend doesn't do that. Hers just makes the normal click sound. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my home button. It doesn't feel very "solid" when I hear this sound, not very Apple-like. But so far I didn't have any problems with the home button. Touch ID works as well so I suppose it wasn't replaced.

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    As long as the Touch ID works its safe to bet its an OEM button, although it doesn't discount possible screen repairs. There is a small metal pin like apparatus on the home button assembly, when changing from phone to phone it proves rather irritating. If you aren't afraid of a little DIY why not pry off the screen and take a look. I will testify however, the iphone 5s did seem a bit rough when coming to the home button, after time it grew on me.

    Dr. Delinquent

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