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Jul 5, 2007
in the desert somewhere
Hi everyone, running into a bit of a problem so I figured I'd ask here in hopes that someone might have an idea of whats going on.

I had an iphone 4 (running 4.1 jailbreak) which I had backed up on the cloud.
I then bought a 5s ---and before transferring content from my iphone 4 to it I had taken some pictures and backed those pictures to the cloud.
Then it was brought to my awareness I would have to 'restore the phone' in order to get my apps/pictures/etc from my iphone 4 icloud backup, so I did that and now I have my apps/contacts/etc...

Anyways now I want to get the pictures that I had taken on my iphone 5 with the icloud AND be able to take pictures with my camera without them disappearing. Anytime I go to take a picture and look in the photo gallery, and its like the photo has disappeared. I've never had this experience before but would love to know if anyone can offer some insight on what to do or how to go about this.

Many thanks :)
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