iPhone 5S Need Help with 3 things

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    Mar 19, 2015
    Karachi, Pakistan
    As I wrote in the title I need help in 3 things of iPhone 5S that is bothering me.
    First of all I wanted to let you know that I have Bought iPhone 5S after iPhone 4S directly. A major incident has passed while buying. Street Crime you know. Well leave it. I am safe now. Well when I bought it it works smoothly till 1month then I accidently shook it. Whoa I felt something rattling inside and my heart was stopped for a sec!! I was gone mad I bought it for $386 from an individual!! Its costs too much I am a student of high school 12th grade and I purchases it of my own By combining my 1years Pocket moneyy!!! (Sorry for being lengthy) well next, i google it whats rattling inside I found that the adhesive etc thing like not pasted correctly thats why its rattling left right while shaking or holding phone downwards .. Few days Ago I noticed 3 black very very light Shadows in the screen fromleft and right both sides.. Its just like 3 glowing bulbs from these sides.(screen is protected by tempered glass protector i dont know wheather its dust or screen fault) help me
    After that On Sunday 24th-May-2015 the battery was rattling as usual I play a video on Youtube Channel and I tried to lower the volume I was pushing the button but it was not working at all I tried Volume up button it was working but volume down was not. I gone mad at this iPhone!! Huh. Then i searched on google but there was only one solution that repair it or use assistive touch, i hate assistive touch, I tried to push the Screen with my palm on the battery side and try again volume down .. It started working by this method. Its been a week i was using the button like this.. But today at this time I tried pushing the screen very hard but the button is unresponsive and I tried to pushing the both buttons together and tapping volume up ( i forget to mention that in early days it sometimes stopped working and several times I restarted the phone and it becomes Normal so I thought that it must be a Software issue) but it didn't work for me atll and now I writing this to you for your generous help. In Pakistan there is no Apple Store and there are no Geniune Repairer. Don't know who to believe who to not its a very expensive phone and I cannot take risk! . And is it complicated for repairing? Should I let It repair or not?? Will it ruin my device functionality?? Or anything else pop up your mind.. I am here for your answers.. Any help would be highly Appreciated.
    Sania Nadeem
  2. Aneef macrumors regular


    Jun 4, 2015
    Lahore, Pakistan
    Hello Sania,
    Though it is an old post, but for future references, there are authorised resellers and repairing centres available in both Lahore/Karachi. Like FutureTech at Dolmen Mall in Karachi and AppleStore.pk (iShop) at Sadar, Karachi. You can have your Apple products repaired from there, but keep in mind they are a bit expensive when it comes to repair, but still trust-worthy. Thanks

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