Iphone 5S - no carrier but will GPS still work?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by arlinek, May 21, 2016.

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    Sorry for some dumb questions. I'm borrowing a friend's spare 5S phone that is not connected with a plan currently. As a very sr. woman + a friend of mine, we are going to drive all throughout the Canadian Rockies and use in the rental car some apps by Gypsy Guide that give you a running commentary of where you are driving and what to see. It requires GPS, of course, and uses only that satellite signal for the gps for everything so no data is used or required to use the gps and hear the commentary. Could I D/L the apps onto my computer and then "transfer" them to the phone without it having a carrier? I DO have wifi in my house, of course. Actually, I would PREFER using my older Ipad 2 but it doesn't have GPS - so as a secondary question, can I D/L an app onto my Ipad 2 that would provide a GPS for the same purpose? Does that exist? We'd rather use the Ipad with the larger screen than the phone to visually see the maps better. Thank you ...... hoping someone can PLEASE help.
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    Yes, you would be able to use your friends 5s iPhone that does not have current cell phone service. You would not be able to use your iPad 2 since it does not have the GPS chip unless it is the cellular model. There is not an app that would provide GPS for the iPad since it is the chip within the iPad that is required. You can download the Gypsy Guide app directly to the iPhone 5s using your wi-fi as long as you sign into the iPhone app store with your Apple credentials.

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