iPhone 5s poor reception, only 1 dot vs iPhone 4s

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  1. icerabbit, Nov 18, 2013
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    I have been tweaking my iPhone 5s to get acceptable battery life. VZW is the strongest rural carrier in our area, but reception isn't always ideal as you move about. Anyhow. Even at home where we usually have 2-3 bars of service, the iPhone 5s has just been crappy for battery life.

    Even with LTE, location services, background app refresh, iTunes store, various service settings, ads, diagnostics etc set to OFF, running minimum brightness.

    Paying closer attention, I'm also seeing the signal reception being exceptionally poor. Instead of 2-4 depending on where you are in the house, it is only showing 1-2.

    So I grab my spouse's 4S ... and it gets 4 dots?! Where mine side by side has one single dot?!


    Moving about the house, I am consistently seeing one or two dots less.

    Both are on iOS7 and fully up to date.


    Neither phone is in a case.

    Both are brand new (4s is warranty replacement)


    Is anybody else seeing poorer signal reception/strength on the iPhone 5s versus their previous iPhone?
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    Apr 30, 2012
    your 5S has 1 dot of LTE
    your 4S has 4 dots of 3G

    two separate radios, two separate cell site antennas. your LTE tower may be farther away than your 3G tower. turn your wifi off to prove im correct.
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    Good catch!

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