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    Goodafternoon! :) I have a few questions about iPhone 5S because it's my first time buying. I'm about to buy it from my friend. He say's he lost the receipt and box (suspicious look) haha. Is that a big deal? The receipt and the box.

    and next, he gave me the IMEI/SN of his phone and here is the screenshot.

    what does it mean when it say's repair and coverage: consult place of purchase for consumer law claims?
    when I checked my girlfriend's IMEI at apple, it's color yellow. Not violet. (I'm sorry so new about this stuff)

    and lastly, how would I know if the phone I was about to buy is already Openline? Thanks and good day to everyone! :)
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    I'm going to assume that he's not your friend and that you've never talked to him before.

    Things to do:
    - Ask him when he purchased it and where from. Furthermore, I'd contact Apple Support and see if they could tell you when the phone was initially activated/purchased, just to know if it has any warranty time left
    - Check the IMEI info and serial number on various services on the internet (SNDeep is a good place for this)
    - If you're in Canada, use protectyourdata's website to make sure the IMEI isn't blacklisted. If in the US or elsewhere, find an equivalent service for this
    - Use Apple's own Activation Lock indicator service when you meet to make sure the phone isn't locked. Furthermore, actually get through the activation screen before departing
    - Extra: Make sure the condition is as agreed upon. Make sure there aren't any dents or gaps if he hadn't mentioned it. Make sure everything works. Toggle the vibration switch, make sure the vibration motor works, make sure the speakers, cameras, LEDs, and microphones are all operational, as well as the accelerometer and compass. Download a pixel test app and make sure it's not displaying black pixels/shadows on a white screen or white pixels/excessive light bleeds on a black screen, as well as the same thing for R, G, and B. There's a ton of things that can go wrong with these phones

    I probably missed like 5 more steps and this might seem excessive, but honestly, in this day and age, I've learned the hard way that people on Kijiji are 90% scum. I know that this is your friend so I guess you can be a lot more lax on it but it never hurts to make sure you know what you're spending your money on.

    EDIT: I looked some of the info up for you. It's currently out of warranty.


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