iPhone 5S screen turns off immediately after boot up

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ateganda29, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Hello everyone! I recently purchased an unlocked iPhone 5S gold and noticed something that my 5 didn't use to do: when I turn on my phone, after it starts up and shows the white background with black apple logo, the screen immediately sleeps/turns off. I would have to press on the home button or sleep/wake button so I can swipe to unlock my phone. With my iPhone 5, it used to stay on for 2-3 seconds to give me a chance to swipe/unlock my phone before the screen sleeps. But now, my iPhone 5S' screen sleeps immediately that if I don't watch the phone while booting up, I wouldn't even know it's on because it happens just for a split second. Does anyone else have this issue -- or is it even an issue? My husband who has the same one but in silver remain, his screen stays on for 2-3 seconds before sleeping. I was wondering if there are others who's on the same boat as I am. And if so, does anyone know how to adjust that? Thanks in advance!
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    My new ipad mini retina cellular does the same thing as your husband. It boots up shows the lock screen for a second then goes black. I have to hit the home button to wake it up. My iphone 4s or ipod doesn't do this. Perhaps this is a new thing with all the new devices. Also someone else said that this is normal too. Weird though just seems like a hassle to wait for boot then goes to screen then sleeps.
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    My new iPhone 5S also does this.
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