iPhone 5s storage space and iOS 9

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    My girlfriend has a 5s (16GB) which is getting towards completely full. She hasn't upgraded to iOS 9 yet. I just read that it is very slimmed down in comparison to iOS 8.

    Is there a recommended way to make the upgrade so that her phone comes out the other side with more space available? I realize this might sound like a naive question, I've just never actually owned an iPhone despite being a Mac user.

    I know I can plug it in and update via iTunes, but would it behoove me to reset the device with iOS 9 and do a sort of "audit" of apps? Or is that just extra work and just updating via iTunes will save space by default?

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    If her iPhone is nearly full, you may not be able to update it to iOS 9.2.1 using iTunes. It may tell you that there is not enough room to do the update. Resetting her iPhone will wipe out everything on it so be sure to do an iCloud backup first and probably a good idea to also back it up to her Mac via iTunes. It's probably better to try and create more space on her iPhone before doing anything.
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    Yep. You can update to latest iOS system by using iTunes. That will work, but it won't free up iPhone space.
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    maybe it's a good idea. :)

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