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Chad H

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Original poster
Feb 13, 2008
Auburn, AL
Hey guys,
Just got my new 32GB iPhone 5S yesterday. Synced it up and everything went fine. This morning I purchased 3 songs from the iTunes and added them to a playlist that has about 270 songs. So out of the 3 downloaded only 1 synced to the playlist but all 3 synced to the phone. I've tried deleting the songs off of my Mac Pro and downloading them again, removing the playlist from my iPhone and re adding, and about everything else under the sun. Is this a problem with 7.0.4 or the new iTunes? My Mac Pro is also totally up to date on all applications including iTunes. Any idea's?


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Feb 7, 2013
A mile high
Most likely it is a problem with iOS7.0.4. If I were you, I'd clean all of the music off and do it again, butr this time, in an organized fashion. ;)


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May 16, 2011
Eau Claire, WI
I have been having a lot of syncing issues ever since IOS7, mostly just extremely long syncs. (gets stuck on waiting for configurations or whatever) and finally finishes like 10-20 min. later.
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