iPhone 5S volume stuck (with headphones)

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    iPhone 5S with Apple leather case and headphones (headphones do not have any phone controls), and the volume sometimes shifts to maximum whilst listening to music and will not decrease unless I reset the phone by pressing the home button and power button.

    This has now happened 3 times in the past 6 weeks.

    I first thought it could be the case pushing on the volume-up button, but the problem is not resolved when I take the case off whilst the volume is stuck at maximum.

    On a side note, I also find that occasional swipes on the home screen and taps on a chosen app do not register first time (I use a Power Support crystal screen protector). Never had this problem when using PS protectors on past iPhones, and my overall experience with the 5S can only be summed up as frustrating!

    Along with the rattling power button, this has to be the worse incarnation of an iPhone I have used to date!

    Before I contact Apple for possible solutions, any of you guys have any suggestions to fix these problems (bar the rattling buttons!)?

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    Just an update...

    I contacted Apple Support, and they asked me to 'reset all settings' under the phone settings, which I did.

    I explained that the glitch might not happen again for a while and they said that if it should happen again then back-up all the important contents and then perform a factory restore but to turn iCloud off and do not restore from back-up, but instead add everything back to the phone manually.

    Since the telephone conversation with Apple Support, the volume glitch happened again this week, and I asked a work colleague to film the behaviour while I press the volume down button (I will send to Apple if I have to call them again).

    I haven't had time to perform the factory restet yet, but will do it this weekend. If it happens again after I have reset the phone to factory settings then I will demand a replacement phone.

    Going on from what Apple Support suggested to try with the factory reset, the only thing I can think of why this is happening (if not related to hardware) is because I restored from back-up when I first got the phone, my previous phone was a 4S - but the 4S was running IOS7 too.

    Another solution that the Apple Support guy suggested was to only use Apple branded headphones - I asked him if he was joking, and he actually thought the brand of headphones might make a difference!

    I could take the phone to my local Apple Store but that is 40km away, and I don't want to spend money on fuel if they don't replace it.

    Let's see what happens after the factory reset...

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