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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TribeFan1, Oct 2, 2016.

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    So as the title says, I have an iPhone 5s that won't boot up. When I press the power button it gives the dead battery icon, so I plug it in to the charger and it tries to boot, then fails to start. It cycles in this dead battery/start screen multiple times and then flashes the red screen, blue screen, or a roller coaster tycoon style sand yellow screen over the apple logo. It went into this while trying to update and the iPhone was a warranty replacement from Apple from around a year ago. So has anyone had experience with this? Any genius experience?

    I brought it to the Genius Bar and the woman helping wasn't exactly the brightest, she just kinda looked at it and didn't say all that much other than $270 to replace it. So if possible any suggestions or experiences would be helpful. Thank you!
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    Try to bring it to a 3rd party iPhone repair. They might open it up and let you know what is wrong and charge you less to repair.
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    Unfortunately it sounds as if it's defective. If your not passing the start up and your seeing flashing colors on the display, it's likely in need of replacement. And for that particular model, it wouldn't be worth repairing, being it could cost More than the iPhone is worth. Or sell it as is for a Different iPhone, if you so wish.
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    It seems to be similar to this, except I have not taken the screen off and the phone has not been apart. It seems to be called the "red screen of death". I was just curious as to if anyone here has had the issue or not. It's not an essential phone to have, I have a 7 now, but it would be nice to have working as a backup phone of an iPod. I appreciate the replies so far!

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