Iphone 5s Wont connect to cellular data

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    Jan 4, 2015
    My iphone 5s screen cracked severely when i sat on it a couple months ago, when i looked at it i could see it said "searching..." where my service bar is supposed to be (top left) i didnt think much of it. i got my phone fixed at cellairis for $90 and they did a flawless job. the phone looks new! no dents or anything. i turned it on only to find out it was still "searching" (btw wifi works fine) . i thought it was a software issue so i restored it but now i cant get passed the activatioin screen because it needs a sim card i guess. i just want to know what you guys might think is wrong with my phone. i dont think its the sim reader because if it was im guessing it would just say "no sim" or something but i could be wrong. i thought it was like the cellular antenna or something but idk what do you guys think?

    P.s- dont reccomend apple please because they charge a **** ton for things that might not cost that much and the place i fixed it at doesnt do refunds. i just want to know what you guys might think is wrong with my phone like what part so i can tell a nearby phone repair shop
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    maybe the repair place can give you your money back and you can use that $90 to take it to the apple store and have them replace your entire iPhone for $269

    a real apple person changing your real screen would of only been $129


    if you go to i fix it and open your own phone it should be pretty obvious if you see any other physical damage to it

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