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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by StevesJob, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Very good.
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    I switched from an HTC One. A few things I miss, but overall it's a beautiful phone and OS. Fast, well constructed, and a joy to use.

    Go to Android Central or someplace like that and ask the same question if you want some balance. You'll mostly get raves here. :)
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    What do you miss if you don't mind me asking? :)
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    It's good, but right now, before we have any real apps utilizing the hardware, it's basically a 5, with some different colors, and a cool party trick (fingerprint scanner).

    I say that, but I rather like the fingerprint scanner. It's pretty handy, and much more convenient than typing in a passcode. That said, I don't feel it a worthy upgrade to the 5 right now, from an end user perspective. By the time we see the hardware truly being utilized, the next phone will be just around the corner. And that's fine. Not a knock on Apple at all. It has much better hardware, it's just that we can't take advantage of it (yet).
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    This is a great question and I am subscribing to this thread.

    Before it goes to the wasteland.
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    The screen. It's absolutely gorgeous. At 4.7 and 1920 x 1080 resolution it's beautiful and can show much more info at once. The 5s screen is lovely, but feels cramped in comparison.

    BlinkFeed: Surprisingly nice aggregator mixing news stories with social network activity

    Zoes/Highlights: Zoes are mini videos and when you spend some time taking a series of photos and/or Zoes at a particular time or place it creates Highlights, which stitch together pictures plus Zoes and you can choose themes, e.g. quiet music with slow transitions or more energetic music with faster/jumpier transition. Very nicely done way to review memories from a particular day's activities.

    Widgets: Being able to mix app icons with folders with things like lists of recent e-mails or tweets or music app controls all together at one level is very flexible and the HTC One is fast enough to run them without hitching

    Customizable keyboards: Swype and/or SwiftKey are both excellent, and while the iPhone's keyboard is quite nice, losing that flexibility is tough.

    *Great* speakers for a cell phone

    iPhone 5S advantages:

    Camera takes better pictures and slow-mo is fun & implemented well

    The HTC One is a smooth/fast phone, but the 5s is noticeably smoother and faster

    Fingerprint sensor works well and is a nicer feature than I anticipated

    Music sounds better on headphones

    Multitasking is done better on iOS 7

    Google Now may be getting creepy smart, but I have more fun with Siri

    I prefer Safari to Chrome or HTC browser on the One

    HTC One is a lovely design, but the iPhone is still a notch above IMO

    I'm sure I could come up with more in both categories with a bit more thought, but those are what spring to mind first. Both are beautiful phones and delightful to use in many ways.

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