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    So I recently purchased AC+ for my one week old 6+.

    My question is will they repair a cracked screen or automatically replace the phone? Just planning for the worst and thinking in advance if I should just call and ask for a replacement to be shipped instead of going to Genius Bar fearing that they might just repair it. Of course, down the road, one would prefer a new or refurbished phone without any blemishes to include a new battery.

    Second question is what if my phone falls on the pavement and eventually in the pool cracking and eventually ends the life of the phone. Will this be covered? Reason I'm asking is because the rep I spoke with when purchasing AC+ stated that a phone ran over by a car is not covered because it is beyond repair. Is this even true? Pretty much owned each gen of the iphone and never purchased any protection plan till now.

    Thank you in advance.
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    It depends on the store. Some stores have the ability to repair screens, and if they have the staff and parts on hand, theyh will do that instead of replacement.

    If there are multiple things wrong with the phone, or if more than the screen is damaged (i.e. the frame is bent), then they'll replace.

    The criteria is that the phone has to be in one piece. A phone that, aside from broken glass, is in multiple chunks, or lacks any salvageble parts, they might refuse to repair or replace.
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    It's Apples discretion whether to replace or repair. I believe most often they just replace if you bring it to a store, assuming they have the same model to replace with. This goes for both of your scenarios. As hectic as Apple stores are whenever I go to one, I think it most likely they will just replace it unless you ask for a repair specifically.

    If the iPhone looks to the Genius to have been excessively abused they can say no deal and you're out an iPhone. A cracked screen and subsequent water damage probably wouldn't be considered excessive, in fact it's probably fairly common. Being friendly and patient will be appreciated by anyone dealing with you and will help greasing the wheels.

    Reading the details is in your best interest:https://www.apple.com/legal/sales-support/applecare/applecareplusnaen.html
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    No, all iPhones and iPads can get AppleCare+ within 60 days of being sold.

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