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Apr 9, 2019
Just had to force wipe my iphone 6+ because i forgot the passcode, I held down both the power and home button till it told me to connect to a computer, after clicking update and restore on the menu it "wiped" it and its stuck on a white screen and will only let me enter the passcode, connecting it to a computer again wont even decect the phone, it also wont let me try to type a password into the box, i would post pictures but i have no phone to take them with

anyone got any ideas? this is really doing my head in now, i need the phone for work

(edit): everytime i restart it it always says iphone is disabled for 15 minutes

(edit 2): It says "press home to upgrade" at the bottom, when pressed it askes for the password, *that i dont know)

(edit) after many attempts i got thew phone to update but the same issue arises
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Aug 31, 2011
What you're trying to do is what every iPhone thief wants to do - wipe the phone & start over.

It's not possible without the passcode
You can do it. Just use DFU mode, not recovery mode.

My daughter's iPhone was stolen and I finally got it back yesterday afternoon. I had put it in Lost Mode and there was no previous computer with iTunes that it had synced with. So it was disabled.

Recovery Mode did not work. DFU Mode did.

Of course if OP has forgotten his AppleID then that's a whole different story!
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