iPhone 6 - Can't go on to home screen


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Feb 22, 2015
I have purchased my iphone 6 in US and right now I am in India. I purchased it in pre launch booking.

Issue: Can't get to the home screen on slide to unlock.

1. Slide to Unlock turned to Slide to Emergency though its showing Airtel 3G in top left bar.
2.. I am using fingerprint and phone was actively working till last night but this morning its asking me to enter password.
3. As soon as I slide to emergency and enter password instead of going back to home its popping back to lock screen.
4. I have tried entering wrong password and its popping back in the same way. iPhone is not showing any error.
5. Going into sleep mode irregularly and waking up irregularly.
6. Tried hard reset didnt worked. Not able to go in recovery mode and phone not showing on itunes too.

I have tried everything with my phone but nothing worked. This guy seems to have same problem http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1036824

My phone is under US warranty. I really don't know if I can get any help from Indian stores. Please let me know if there is anyway I can solve this problem from my own.

iPhone 6, iOS 8.1.3


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Oct 14, 2007
If you've tried all the generic self help avenues of resetting and restoring then I can only suggest you approach your most local  store to see if they can assist in anyway.


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Feb 22, 2015
Quick Update:

Just visited iStore in India and they told me problem is with hardware and they are not ready to process further as my phone comes under US warranty.

I am not sure what to do.

Bomb Bloke

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Feb 12, 2015
Tasmania (AU)
I would attempt a restore via DFU mode. If successful, this will remove all personal data from the device, but it sounds like you're willing to try it.

It's important to note that when in DFU mode, the phone will externally appear to be turned off - you will not see the "connect to iTunes" logo on the screen as you would with recovery mode.