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    I am hoping for a surprise later this fall when Apple unveils the iPhone 6. Hopefully it will have a curved back so it's comfortable to hold. Apple turned away from the curved plastic back in the iPhone 3GS with the release of the iPhone 4. At that time Apple needed to release a phone with a new design. Other companies was gaining momentum with cheaper phones. It was harder for Apple to justify the high price of the iPhone when it was made of plastic. Most phones even today are made of plastic because of all the radio signals that need to pass the back of a phone.

    Apple replaced some of the glass back of the iPhone 4S with aluminum when they released the iPhone 5. The end result was an odd mix of glass and aluminum. The original iPhone had a aluminum top body and the bottom covered in plastic. It also had a curved back so it was comfortable to hold. Most people don't think Apple ever again will release a phone that is all or partly made of plastic.

    I never liked the design of the iPhone 4. It was a compromise between feel and usage. Apple understand this since all of their products has a curved back or curved edges except the iPhone. HTC has shown recently that it is possibly to release a phone with an aluminum body that has a curved back. My hope is that Apple once again this fall will prove that they are the leader in industrial design.

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    the surprise is going to be no iphone 6.
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    The photo on the left is the new iTouch 16GB.
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    I think he just used that as an example of Apple already having curved aluminum designs.

    But furthermore, HTC releasing the One doesn't show that curved aluminum bodies are new. Curved aluminum backs just look awkward when lying flat on their back.
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    True, but the majority of time, a phone is in one's hand when texting or using an app. I suppose there are games where a phone may be laying flat.

    I had a chance to play with an HTC one today, and it's fit and finish is on par with any iPhone. Didn't like Android, and the whole OS was just a bit unpolished. Put iOS 7 on it and it would be lovely.

    I hope Apple does eventually get to a happy compromise of a larger screen but still small enough that it doesn't look like a Galaxy Note. I think 4.5" is max...otherwise, get an iPad mini.
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    Can't disagree there. I've only handled a 3GS a few times, but the curved back did feel better than a bare 4/4S or 5. And the HTC One is one very sleek phone.

    I'd say the best compromise would be the same design as the iPad Mini or new iPod Touch with a ~4.5" screen.
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    I really like iPod Touch 5 design. If they make iPhone 6 like that, but even thinner while increasing the power, that'll be amazing!

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