iPhone 6 Docks that Support Cases (Roundup)


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May 11, 2006
Like many iPhone owners, I get antsy at the thought of removing the device's case every day for my overnight charge. It's not so much the inconvenience of the extra step, rather, I'm concerned that the removal and reinstallation actions are placing stress on the side buttons that, over time, may cause damage.

I'm using a slim Carved case now. I think it's a perfect size and adds minimal bulk. I've had some quality issues with these products in the past (thinner bits of plastic cracking (to wit, the plastic spacer between the volume buttons and mute switch. Anyway, it's a perfectly slim product and I like the finish.

More on point, even with this slim case--that has no bulky bottom protection--it simply will not charge reliably in my iHome iD91 (which has been retrofit with a 30 pin to Lightning adapter). No issues with the 5S chassis or iPad mini--both in cases.

What are the current options for iPhone 6 users? Looks like slim pickings now, but charging via the computer or wall jack isn't always convenient or practical given the outlet placement in my room, and the fact that I use my phone as an alarm clock.

Below is a list of potential candidates for this purpose that I've pulled from similar posts:

  1. Lightning Dock for iPhone 6 (This is a nice, clean, minimalist design that purports to support cases. Not a bad price, either.
  2. KiDigi Desktop Charger (I know nothing about this brand, but it advertises an adjustable lightning prong, presumably making it compatible with encased phones.)
  3. Rokform iPhone 6 Docking Station I think the design of this dock is garish, but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker if it gets the job done.
  4. HiRise for iPhone & iPad mini Not really sure what to say about this one. Looks promising, and the price is right
Anyone have any experience with these products, or have any more to add? My best case scenario is an iHome (or similar clock-radio dock) that supports the case. It's nice to be able to give a quick glance to the clock, to to listen to music on more rounded out speakers.

Perhaps I'll take a ride to Best Buy and try some out with my case on---but the last time I visited, their selection with a little light.


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May 31, 2011
i have the hi-rise at home and i must say it looks excellent. The only problem is that it has quite a large footprint and your phone/tablet is pretty high in the air which means you can't put you phone under your screen.

But still, it is an amazing dock.


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Jun 2, 2014
Looks-wise my favorite is still Everdock. Just not sure wether I wanna spend another 50€ :/



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May 11, 2006
Both of those are nice designs. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations, but i don't want to run (or connect) a charging cable through the dock, mostly because of the limited length of the standard charging cables. I really just want an iHome that will support an encased phone. It's the strangest thing that I didn't have this issue with the 5S.

I wonder if the pins are recessed ever so slightly back.

Paco II

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Sep 13, 2009
One mod I made to my The Lightning Dock was to add NanoPad that elevation labs sells. Cut to fit and now I've got a beautiful dock that requires one hand to dock or remove.

Reading reviews from both the Apple and Amazon sites, the HiRise dock has many complaints about having to 1) be assembled, 2) sharp edges, 3) poor engineering.

I like the Lightning Dock.


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Feb 9, 2013
The HiRise is horrible and leaves a nasty mark on the back of the Apple leather case, I've put mine out to pasture, it's an over priced piece of junk in my opinion, even at £10 it would be too much. The Belkin dock on the other hand is much more stable than the HiRise, there is no rocking of the phone from left to right at all and it does not cause any marks on the case. One other Plus is you don't have to waste a lightning cable on it. Anything other than the default leather case may be a problem with the Belkin Dock though, as the adjustable height lighting connector is too wide for a case with a narrow lightning port reveal.


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Feb 12, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
I recently received my Walnut 6 Plus dock from Grovemade. From what I can tell it's good quality. Placing the phone is easy, the phone feels stable, and the metal base weight about 3 pounds so it definitely allows one handed removal.

You can control how much of the plug is exposed, so you shouldn't have a problem with most cases. I've tried it with the following and they all worked.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus leather and silicone cases
Incipio NGP Case
Incipio Rival
Tech21 Evo Mesh

The evo mesh is pretty much the max width you can fit in it.
I also ordered this is November and I just received it, so Grovemade is fastest at delivering.



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Jul 24, 2008
The Grove dock looks nice. However like my Belkin dock it has a flaw: if you use TouchId, it's hard to register your thumb. The HiRise looks better for TouchId.
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