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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Fabienne, Oct 22, 2015.

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    I love to have a good case on my iPhone. Since trading up to the 6+ I found I like a folio case with no magnets and slots for cards. My husband had a 6 and then traded up to a 6S+. His old case was an Switcheasy Life Pocket which is a Nylon folio with no magnets, and an elastic close. Do you know of anything similar? I have looked like mad, but no luck. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    I have the same case preferences as you. After trying and striking out with the Aor Jacket Flip, I've gone back to the Incipio Highland that I carried all last year. And am now using on my iPhone 6S Plus.

    Here is a list of them on Amazon.


    Last year's models differ from this year's models in that they've made the "hinge" longer. The advantage to that is that it forces the cover or lid to stay in place and not wobble side to side. The disadvantage is now the volume buttons are covered when the case is closed. I own two of last year's model but don't yet have the new updated model. Last year's model has two slots for cards. It's tight at first but after awhile it stretches a tiny bit so I can fit Driver's License and a credit card and a couple of bills in there. I don't know how many slots the new version has.

    In the above link it appears the older versions are toward the top of the page and the newer ones are toward the bottom. Incipio also has a web site you can check out.

    Reviews aren't that great because the case offers very little drop protection. And it shows wear and tear after several months.

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