iPhone 6 Goes Blank During Calls

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    I looked a few pages back for something similar so forgive me if I'm bringing up something that is happening a lot.

    There are times when I can receive or make a call and when that call is over I go to hang up and my screen it totally Black and all no button will bring it back up.. I usually have to wait for the other party to hang up or if there is a recording on the other end it could be awhile before the screen will show any life.. this has been going on a couple months or four. Can anyone verify this dame behavior? I know of two that do this, mine and my business partners both bought on launch day..
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    Jan 23, 2015
    There is an ambient light sensor at the top of your phone. When this is covered your screen will be turned off while in a call.

    The reason for this is so that your cheek doesn't push buttons when you are on the phone.

    Check that your ambient light sensor is not covered. Do you maybe have a case or a screen protector that is stopping light getting into the sensor?

    That would produce this behaviour.

    The ambient light sensor is either to the left or the right of the ear piece depending on model. Hightlighted for an iPhone 6 below.


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