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May 20, 2008
I haven't had this problem since the original iPhone, but has anybody noticed that their iPhone 6 causes a buzz over their car stereo when it's brought close to it? It's not as obvious as it was with the AT&T edge iPhone, but it's still annoying and I'm confused as to why it's happening if I am connected to LTE. Could it be certain LTE bands that were added to the 6 that are creating this noise?


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Aug 12, 2012
I have a similar problem with my 6. I'm on Sprint FWIW.

I get a buzz/hum/crackle about 5% of the time when I'm streaming audio on LTE. No noise like that when I'm on 3G.

This happens when I'm plugged into my car aux input. I'm not sure if it happens with headphones too.

When I am playing music stored on my phone, it doesn't seem to happen. I think it's happened once.

I've Googled this issue, and a few threads show up on other sites. There are even a few old threads on this site. Many seem to say that this is normal for LTE.

I'm not sure I buy it. It seems like there would be a lot more people asking about it on the internet if this happens to everyone's LTE phone.

Also, it seems to happen more when I am driving through a canyon or under a highway interchange (mix master, spaghetti bowl, etc.).

Is this a hardware issue?


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Apr 6, 2007
It IS normal on LTE, but the extent to which people will get it varies. This is because LTE is being broadcast on a lot more bands than EDGE ever was. And electronics are susceptible to some bands more than others.

The result is, a phone on one carrier might cause interference over LTE, but the same model phone on a different carrier might not. All because while they're both providing LTE coverage, it's on different frequencies.


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Feb 4, 2009
Northern District NY
This was always a common problem with GSM...always found it kind of funny...I've never heard of it being a problem with LTE and I know its not an issue with CDMA technology's like CDMA2000 and UMTS/HSPA+. Cars have some weird problems with stereo' dads car is horrible, if I plug my phone into the charger in his car his radio just goes out (well loud static constant), its pretty bad lol. We wanted to listen to NPR on AM radio but couldn't unless I had my phone in airplane mode or unplug it. Eventually I just downloaded the NPR app and streamed it in the background while connecting it to the AUX port.
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