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    Nov 26, 2014
    Ok guys. my service is Verizon and I just traded in my iPhone 5s to get the 6. The people activated it and it wont activate. they said something happened during registration and that I had to wait 24 hours. It has been 24 hours and it still isn't working. I can send iMessages and Snapchats, but I can not make any calls. When people call me it goes right to voicemail, and when I try calling someone it says Verizon can not find my phone. Please help!
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    Go back to Verizon.
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    Flight Plan

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    Yes, go back to Verizon.

    And next time, you might get more response if you take the time to make a slightly better subject line. "iPhone 6 Help!" is a generic panic line that I usually pass over because more often than not, it just causes the helper more grief than any benefit it may give to the "helpee". But "need help activating with Verizon", and I may have looked at it MUCH sooner.

    Anyway, I'm sure this problem is fixable. Go back to Verizon. Be patient, calm, and persistent; don't let them push you aside but don't rant at them either.

    Good luck!

  4. rigormortis, Nov 28, 2014
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    they have the meid or sim card id wrong.
    you can read the sim card to verizon by going to settings , general , about and reading the ICCID

    go back to verizon

    however there are a few things you try or look out for

    1) if you are in a verizon extended network, like for example, Golden state cellular in san andreas, verizon cannot activate your device, because its not there network. if the phone says "verizon" then it should of activated.

    2) the only thing you can try is power down the iPhone. remove sim card. wait. maybe even wait 5 minutes. turn iPhone on. wait for the iPhone to boot up fully and to say "no sim", and then insert the sim. this forces the iPhone to update the sim card and now with iOS 8, this will force the iPhone to get the cellular profile.. maybe this should be attempted while the iPhone has a wifi connection. i think it pulls cell profiles from wifi, like itunes does.

    3) EXTREEMLY RARE. if meid is good. sim card is good. iPhone is good. and it still won't activate it is because your billing address does not belong in their territory. this actually happened to me trying to activate the free t-mobile iPad plan!!!!!

    back up and sync iPhone before going to Verizon
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    Jun 11, 2009
    what you probably should of done was just take the iPhone home
    and to remove the sim card from your 5s and insert it into the 6 and don't
    let them activate it. you don't need them to activate your iphone when you already have a working Verizon sim

    this of course does not apply if you switched from a different carrier.
    but your message did not say if you switched verizon phones or carriers

    you can also try going to my verizon .com and trying to use the web site to change your phone to the 6
    and to verify meid and sim card numbers
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    Jun 11, 2009
    the only other thing i can think of that would hold up an activation is you ported the #, and you gave your new carrier the wrong account number, phone number or billing password.

    i found out verizon requires a 0 in front of their account number to port out
    i found out AT&T go phone's account numbers aren't the phone number

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