iPhone 6/iPad Air 2, iOS 9 randomly forgets app permissions/in-app info

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dgtlfnk, Dec 7, 2015.

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    Hello... apologies up front if a thread on this problem already exists, or has been resolved before. I can't seem to find anything on it and have tried numerous combinations of words in search.

    This has happened several times before, usually about a few months or so apart. And if memory serves, on previous versions of iOS as well.

    As the title states, I'm running iOS 9 (9.1) on an iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. I have not updated iOS on either since 9.1 one came out (some weeks/months ago?), nor made any changes to it, restores, etc. And the apps mentioned below have not been updated since I previously used them and the problem did not exist. As you'll see from the variety of apps and issues below, this seems to be an iOS issue, not a per app issue.

    Using Instagram on my iPad last Thursday or Friday, suddenly IG forgets all of my recently/frequently used hashtags. Usually when you begin adding hashtags to a post, a list of recently/frequently used hashtags is populated for you to choose from. This time it was blank. But then started remembering them as it normally would as each new one was manually typed in.

    I use ProCamera mostly for my photo taking. Went to use it yesterday on my iPhone and it suddenly seemed as if I'd never used the app before. It asked for my permission to use the camera on the device, and then to access my photos.

    This morning, upon opening the iHeartRadio app on my iPhone, the MyStations list was empty/blank. Normally it remembers all of the stations you've previously listened to, and lists them by date, last-used first.

    So my question is... what is going on in the background of iOS that is apparently resetting or clearing (deleting?) these saved permissions and information lists? As mentioned, I have not made any changes manually. And while I do have apps set to update automatically, when looking at the Updates tab in the App Store app, none of these apps were updated since the problem started. (The only one close was the iHeartRadio app... it was updated last Wednesday. But I definitely used the app on Thursday and Friday morning and did not have this issue.)

    Any thoughts? Suggestions?
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    A thought to add... I suppose these issues could be unrelated. But it just seems very coincidental that it's all happened at around the same time. And if I remember from when this happened before, it seemed to also happen in a cluster like this. FWIW.
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    Dammit. I guess this should've been posted in help/troubleshooting. :/

    Mods, could you move this thread? Or should I repost there?? Apologies.

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