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Oct 9, 2013
I'm glad my sister got an iphone 6 on contract after trying it out for a couple of days before it get sent back due to a scratch on the screen, I've decided the 5S all being said is a better handset.

The thinness of the iPhone 6 makes it difficult to hold even with a case on, it's just not right how it feels.

Camera doesn't seem all that better neither or the battery, video quality looks exactly the same, only thing going for the camera is the 60fps and auto focus in video.

Speed wise it feels no faster or smoother at all compared to the 5S running iOS 8.0.2

Plus waiting for all the apps to update to the new screen sizes is going to take a while aswell.

My sister is also thinking now about just getting the 5S as a replacement for the 6 because it also alot cheaper for her on contract.

I just think Apple really excelled with the 5S, and the 6 to me feels abit of a letdown.


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Mar 8, 2012
The 5S has a smaller screen. The point of the 6 and the 6+ is that size of the screens are larger than the 5/5S.

I don't understand what you're saying.


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Nov 24, 2010
I'm right there with you OP. Im torn between the 5S and the 6. I'll probably just stick with my 5S because I prefer the smaller form factor and I'm not really missing anything besides apple pay. This is the first time I've been hesitant on a new iPhone and I've had them since the 3GS. The 5S design also looks better to me. It looks like jewelry.

I buy unlocked so it would cost me another $400 to get a 6 because I'll get $400 for my 5S. I just don't think it's worth another $400 to upgrade.


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Sep 13, 2014
I've decided the 5S all being said is a better handset FOR ME.

Fixed, otherwise people will get defensive.

As for the 5s, I'm keeping mine until it no longer works even though I have a ghost line with upgrade eligibility. I prefer the compact size for one-handed use plus I get attached to my electronics.

The only differences between the 5s and the 6 are...
  • 0.7' screen
  • focus pixels
  • 1 hr more web browsing
  • applepay (don't care about this one)
... hardly enough to justify an upgrade for me.

I'm happy though for others who wanted a bigger phone and screen that they have this option now.
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