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    Oct 13, 2010
    I am finding a long delay in receiving mail on my new iPhone 6 (Verizon). The mail arrives on all my other devices, but I see no mail indicator, or sound, on my iPhone for at least 15 minutes. I am starting to hear that others are having this problem with the 6.

    I have Settings set to Push (Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars/Fetch New Data says Push. But when I click on that, Push is set to on but Verizon and Gmail accounts say Fetch. When I click on that, there is no further Push option: just Fetch or Manual. I have that set at Fetch. However, the iCloud account does have the Push option.

    Under Fetch category below, the shortest option is 15 minutes.

    And, my old iPhone 4S, which no longer has cell service (Sprint), is still getting mail, thru WiFi, and my test emails come to that phone (with the ding and the Envelope showing the number of new mails when I look), right away.. Yet the new 6 is not dinging or showing the new mail indicator when I look, for sometimes 25 minutes.
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    As Dave421 said, Gmail killed push on iOS.

    You can no longer set up a Google account using the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. This method cost Google money as they were required to license the protocol from Microsoft. ActiveSync is a closed and proprietary protocol where as IMAP is open and free.

    There is a paid workaround. It's essentially an exchange gateway to Google allowing push email again. I used it before Google originally introduced push years ago, and it was very solid and reliable. The yearly subscription covers the price of the ActiveSync license as well as the server maintenance.

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    This interesting, good to know. I guess I can live with my Google mail not coming then quite so fast, but my Verizon.net Mail is my main email and I would like that to be arriving more quickly.
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    Verizon uses outdated POP mail, which has significant disadvantages compared to IMAP, which google uses.

    I would suggest checking if Verizon has an option to auto forward email to another account. If not, in Gmails settings, set it auto import from your Verizon account. Gmail has the ability to automatically check and import POP mail accounts.

    This will consolidate all your email into one account.
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    My Verizon email works fine on all of my other devices. And my Gmail has not been coming in any faster than the Verizon mail on this new phone. Since both of these email accounts worked fine on my iPhone 4S that was on sprint, I can only assume that the problem is with the iPhone 6 or with Verizon wireless versus Sprint.
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    However, I continue to notice that the mail icon on the home page does not show the number of emails waiting. It shows nothing, no matter how long they have been there, and so I have to enter the mailbox each time to find out what is waiting there.

    There must be a simple setting for this, but I have now changed so many settings trying to fix this slow mail that maybe I turned something off.

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    Since the Settings choices on iPhone 6 differ from those on iPhone 4S, I cannot match exactly what I had on the old phone to get the result I want. Can someone give me the specific Settings to set so that I can get
    1. my Mail icon to show the number of emails waiting for me (as soon as they arrive, visible as soon as I turn my phone on.
    2. No notifications showing up on the screen (like those lists of the actual emails
    3. The Ding to occur as soon as mail arrives, whether or not the phone is active.

    All of these things happened perfectly on my 4S. Thanks so much for any help.

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