iPhone 6 photos at Disney World

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SeilerBird, Dec 2, 2014.

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    Nov 12, 2014
    I am a serious photographer with an AP to Disney World and I live close to the park. I go several times a week. For many years I have been posting my photos online for my friends and family to keep track of where I am and what I am doing. I bought me an iPhone six and sold my DSLRs so now I am only packing my iPhone. So all my photos this month are from my iPhone. Most all of my shots are from WDW this month so I am posting a link here. I went to the fireworks shows last week and had a blast.


    P.S. Yes I know the quality is not as good as a DSLR but it is a lot more convenient.

    P.S.S. The last shot is my feeble attempt to photograph the hidden Mickey on the golf ball in Soarin'. It is almost recognizable.
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    Two things, first your link is dead, i.e., I'm getting a 404.

    Secondly, I just came back from Disney World, and I agree. I used my iPhone on some shots, but I felt it was out matched by the conditions. That is, I was better off with my Olympus OMD EM5. The shutter speed, low light performance, and more powerful flash made it a better tool for the job imo.

    Still, you can garner some really nice shots with the IP6
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    Jun 12, 2012
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    Link was apparently copied/pasted from somewhere and OP only got the concatenated version, which as stated doesn't work.

    Nothing wrong with using an IP6 as your primary camera if all the photos you wish to take fall within it's scope of capabilities. After all, when opportunity arises the camera you have with you is infinitely better than the one sitting in the cabinet at home.

    Its when conditions aren't ideal, and/or when you want to control aspects of the imaging process, that a dedicated camera tends to shine. maflynn mentions the OMD EM5; great camera. I switched over to an Olympus OMD EM10 a while ago and couldn't be happier.
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    In my opinion, once cannot be considered a "serious photographer" while at the same time only using a smartphone camera for photography.

    I take thousands of oictures with my iPhone's a year. I still can't call myself a serious photographer. Amatuer is even pushing it. I pull out my camera and point and shoot and keep the pics I think look good.
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    Nov 20, 2012
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    If your phone can shoot the farm scene in Living with the Land, any of the Finding Nemo play (with the display off), the Arial ride, the Phoenicians, Captain Barbosa, fireworks, cars in the SciFi Cafe, and the children screaming with the steam and spiders drop down, all without a flash, then the only thing you're missing is a telephoto when using the phone camera.
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    Opinions are like your behind. Everyone has one and everyone else's stinks. I could really care less that you think I am not a serious photographer. I started taking photos in 1957 at age 9 with a Brownie. I got my first SLR in 1969, a Minolta SRT 101. My first large format a year later. I got my first underwater camera, a Nikonos 3 in 1982. I got my first digital camera in 1997, a Kodak DC-20, my first DSLR, a Canon 20D in 2007, and my first camera phone around 2000. I even have a web site dedicated to my cameras:


    I have thousands of photos on my web site taken in the last 12 years while I was living in a motorhome traveling around the country. I visited and photographed all 48 of the lower 48 states and I visited and photographed all 46 of the National Parks. If you would like to see photos from all the National Parks then go here:


    I am a bird watcher and many bird watchers keep a life list of every specie that they see. I did it a different way. Since I am a photographer I decided ti collect a photo of every different specie I could. Currently I have photos of 269 different species in my collection. If you would like to see them then go here:


    Every year I used to spend one or two months at the Grand Canyon photographing the California Condors. I took thousands of photos of Condors and I had a collection of 63 of the 72 Condors that were flying at the canyon. I moved to Florida before I could find the last 9. If you would like to see some Condor photos then go here:


    I allowed the Grand Canyon interpretive rangers free use of all my images and they are used in posters, slide shows, ranger programs and anywhere else they wish. There is a Condor talk every day and several of my photos are in that talk guaranteeing that a few hundred people will be looking at my photos every day. They used one of my photos on the poster for Wildlife Days a few years ago and made large and small posters that were hung all over the park and in every shuttle bus they had. If you would like to see some of my work on display at the Grand Canyon then go here:


    Hanging in my bathroom is a 2' by 3' poster as seen in photo number 7. I have taken a lot of photography courses in college. I had my own dark room in the 70s to develop my 2 1/4 inch photos. Almost every morning I get up and go hiking somewhere to take photos. I usually hike 2 or 3 miles every day and I am 66 years old. However I have gotten tired of carrying around a DSLR with a very long lens on it. It is the wrong tool for the job anyway, a cell phone camera is all I need for the places I go and the things I photograph.

    Don't you just hate being right all the time lordofthereef? I am a mere amateur because I use a cell phone.:rolleyes:
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    Terrific photos Seilerbird! I saw the Disney pics and am perusing the others, nice camera collection. I think good photographers can take good photographs even with simple cameras, a friend of mine who is a photo enthusiast really enjoys lomography with a LOMO camera. Takes nice pics too. Better than my iPhone or Sony Cybershot pics. :D
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    Boston, MA
    I gave you my opinion. Just as you are free to consider yourself a serious photographer who needs nothing other than an iPhone to do his job and tell us about it in a thread, I am free to give my opinion here. I certainly didn't expect my opinion to illicit a multiple paragraph response from you, but I guess I hit a nerve (not my intention, truthfully). Enjoy your photography. That's all that really matters.


    I don't even know where this part came from though. Opinions aren't right or wrong. They are opinions.
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    Jul 21, 2014
  12. azhava macrumors regular

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    SeilerBird, you have some very nice images in your galleries!

    Agreed on all points. There are situations when anything short of a DSLR isn't going to get it done, but I've gotten a lot of cool shots I would have otherwise missed because I had my phone with me. I'm not a "serious" enough photographer to carry my DSLR with me everywhere I go - basically, it only comes out when I'm going somewhere with the main intent being photography. The iPhone certainly isn't going to be the choice for sporting events, off-camera flash portraiture, etc., but as a daily 'walkaround' camera it's more than good enough for me.

    I actually enjoy the challenge of going out with the iPhone and just seeing what kind of photos I can get. It teaches you to be more creative and find ways to work around the inherent limitations. I find that without having to think about all the settings, lens selection, etc., I focus more (no pun intended) on composition and "finding the light" - things which will improve your photography no matter what you're shooting with.

    A pleasant surprise a couple months ago was when we were out for the day on a friend's wakeboard boat. We came off the lake just about sunset and he asked me if I'd take a photo of his boat and truck. I had him position it with the sun setting over the lake behind it and snapped a few photos with my iPhone, then chose the best one and e-mailed it to him. A few weeks later his wife showed me a 16" x 20" print of the photo and while I won't say it was worthy of being hung in an art gallery, they were completely over the moon with how well it turned out. She didn't believe me when I told her I took the picture with my iPhone - she figured I had brought my "good camera" (DSLR) out that day and used it for the photo.
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    Thanks for the kind words people. Every single camera ever made, from a peep hole to Hubble has some limitations. No camera can do it all. I spent ten years traveling the country photographing mainly wildlife. I had a very long telephoto most of the time. There were countless shots I didn't get to take because of the limitations of a telephoto. Now I have have the exact opposite problems since I only have a wide angle with me. This limitation doesn't bother me at all, in fact I consider it a challenge. And I agree with the poster above who said the best camera is always the one you have with you. I have missed a lot of shots when I wasn't carrying a decent cell phone.

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