iPhone 6 plus 128gb Blue screen crash! Not T-Mobile!!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by davidb8, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. davidb8 macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2013
    sorry if there is another thread about this but could only find some info on reddit...

    Last night my 6 plus had a blue screen of death and restarted whilst looking at photos on the photos app. After this had happened a few times I decided to restore the phone through iTunes. It was ok after I restored.

    Just now it has stared again.. I open photos and after a few seconds the screen goes blue and restarts.

    It seems a lot of people with iPhones on T-Mobile are having this problem and it's something to do with wifi calling being enabled... All the fixes are saying to disable wifi calling. But I'm not on t-mobile and do not have the option for wifi calling!!!

    Is my phone faulty?! It had it since December 2014 and never had this crash before!
  2. davidb8 thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2013
    Ok so I have just deleted a certain photo (which is stored in iCloud Photo Library with optimise storage turned on) and it seems to have solved the problem

    The photo was a panorama and was about 50MB in storage size, and about 250 megapixels in its dimensions

    I did notice when trying to view the photo I could not zoom properly or scroll the image up and down when zoomed. All other panoramas work normally and can view the whole pic, zoom and pan around the pic when zoomed.

    Could there be a problem with the picture? can the iPhone not handle a 50MB photo? Are the dimensions too big for the phone to handle? Or could the picture have been exported wrong and causing the phone to crash?!?!?!
  3. PlanetDream macrumors newbie

    Jul 30, 2015
    100% correct. It's not a provider issue at all, or an OS version issue at all. I've been posting all over the net tonight about it NOT being a T-Mobile issue at all. I'm an AT&T customer and I've been going crazy for a month now. I've got the 5s - and apparently, after doing much research over the past few weeks, I've found that this "issue" first began 2-3 years ago, with a large customer group posting about it all over the Net. However, the issue seems to have grown into a monster over the past month or 2, spreading like a wildfire, in the US and overseas. Apple has not yet publicly owned or acknowledged this issue at all, nor are they being held accountable for it. It's got to either be a major hardware malfunction (seems unlikely based upon the start date a few years ago and how fast it's begun to spread now - though you never know), or an OS issue (also unlikely since I recently went through 2 OS upgrades with an Apple rep on the phone while he hoped that would resolve the issue, and all of the OS systems eventually had the issue again (though you never know), or someone figured out how to get a massive virus to attack and spread through the iphones and other Apple products (reading these complaints online, I've found that the phone isn't the only product being affected). The very sad and horribly upsetting and frustrating thing is that without Apple making a public announcement, owning this, acknowledging it, being forced to make it their number one top priority to find the cause and then work on the resolution, nothing at all is being done, other than Apple telling their customers to do the most ridiculous things in trying to resolve it (though you can't blame the reps, they're doing their jobs, most are very sweet and if their company won't do what it should be doing, you can't blame the reps). Nothing, and I mean nothing, will resolve this issue, including replacing your phone, which from what I can see, will eventually "get" this same issue at some point, until Apple themselves find or admit to the actual cause, own it, acknowledge it, make it a priority and resolve it. I've upgraded OS's, I've even restored to factory - and it keeps coming back, and from what I've been reading, it's happening to everyone like that. Pushing the home button while plugging in the USB cable, while it's plugged into your computer, while your computer is logged into itunes (another thing they tell you to try) - works sometimes, mostly not. Hard reboots work sometimes, mostly not. It seems as though whoever "has this" and the numbers are going up up and up, is experiencing the problem getting worse and worse over time. Are their batteries dying? Poor batteries? Was a virus built and spread to their products that kills their batteries? I find it odd that this has been happening for years, with a huge influx of customers now experiencing it over the past month or 2 - nearing the same time a known and admitted to virus (admitted by Apple) was released that affected text messaging on iphones if sent from iphone to iphone. I'm watching another thread about this - and other's on other sites - hopefully the news will eventually pick it up and pressure Apple to do something. In the meantime, though it makes me shutter - a few more days of this and I'm going to get an Android. :( Best wishes to you.


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