Resolved iPhone 6 Plus hot to the touch, not even being used.

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    Oct 18, 2011
    So I purchased a Sim-Free iPhone 6 Plus (A1524) last week, and all of the sudden I noticed that my phone was hot to the touch (well not hot enough to burn you), I noticed that battery was draining rather quickly.

    So I decided to do a factory restore and set it up as a new device and not install anything, and yet phone is still hot to the touch. I will be going to the Apple store today to see what they can do.

    As of now the apple store in my area does not have the sim-free iphone 6 Plus available (apparently they sold out, so I would have to use the genius bar have them take a look at it or return the device and order a new one through, sicne it's one day shipping Being that it's been less than 14 days.

    Because it was purchased online and shipped to me, how will this work? I did a split payment and if I do decide to return it, I can always ask for them to put it on their gift card. If that's the case can the gift card be used online?

    I actually don't mind getting a service unit because I know that those has new casings, new battery, new screens and the QC for those are great from what I hear.
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    Oct 18, 2011
    Well I ended up going to the genius bar, told them my story, they couldn't replicate the heat issue, so I told him that I got this phone last week and I'm still within the return window. So he hooked me up with a sales person and made the exchange instead. Hopefully this new one won't give me any issues.

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